Project from Ru-Center again won the “Award Runet 2012”

by admin

The project “All domains of the world” brought the company Ru-Center victory in the struggle for national award in the category “Innovation and technology”. This is the second in a row Award, received by Ru-Center.

In Moscow on 21 November this year held its ninth ceremony – “Runet Award 2012”. Winners derives from the statement in ten categories: six basic and four special. Each was chosen three main challenger.

In the category “Innovation and Technology” in “Runet Award 2012” at this year’s nominated project “All domains of the world” from the company Ru-Center, who took the place of the favorite among the rest. Russian organizations and citizens in the framework of the project has been offered a choice of domain name registration in the national and international areas, and it could be any country that interested users. It offers customers the company Ru-Center has offered a choice of three hundred domain zones.

Alexander Panov ranking CEO, during the presentation of the prize said that the purpose of the project was created – to help users to go beyond the Russian Internet to be able to find for the implementation of your business or project the most appropriate in quality and meaning of the domain and to take advantage of geo-targeting (binding site to its geographical location). Alexander Panov believes that the company, in fact, opens a window into the world of Internet. After Ru-Center is one of the leading companies engaged in cutting-edge solutions in the market domains. Ru-Center receives second prize again in the same category as the first time, namely, “Innovation and Technology”.

The award filed 650 applications

The first part in the ceremony took Ru-Center in 2007, taking first place, thanks to the project It was the first in the history of Russian auction domain names, which introduced the attention of all who wish to civilized services aftermarket domain names.

Ru-Center is known in some circles as the largest domain registrar, is a range of leading Russian companies hosting providers. Anyone who uses the services of a company receives a full range of domains and providing an address on the network.