Choosing a web host and domain registrar

by admin

And now comes the time when you need to choose a web hosting and domain registrar. Now, due to very high competition in the market, you can find an option to lease for hosting 4re tchebourek and domain for free. But, before I ask you at least visit and make the right choice. Below I will discuss their personal experiences and offer a list of hosts and registrars of domain names that I use and enjoyed.

There is nothing special to say, so you need to understand the very top item: it is not necessary to register the domain in the same place where the rented hosting, so that in the future there were no problems with the move. Let everyone does their job. It is also worth looking at the cost. For example, 400r for domain .ru zone or .rf – a lot.

Due to the above, I recommend the registrar of domain names At this point in the domain zone .ru or .rf worth 99r. I use them for a long time already. There were no problems.

Here I want to say more than the topic of domains.

Hosting – is such a bitch from which everyone is waiting for stability, but in fact no one can guarantee you 100% stable servers. Still saying something happen. Just waiting for a good technical support, a simple control panel for cloud hosting, statistics, logging and other buns. All this and more is at All the projects I keep it at this hosting provider. Very reliable and stable.

And now advise what hosting providers I do not recommend to use: – Hosted go downhill straight. Nothing more to say. Customer Reviews: – Personally, I have always caused strange problems for the hosting provider. Tech support all threw off my hands curvature, while at the same same thing works with a bang. Customer Reviews: – Just get round. Above “Hello, World!” he will not do. Tech support no.

All, of course, very good. But, “What if I want VDS / VPS? VDS / VPS, so you do not have deshŃ‘venkie. And I want to cheaply and efficiently. What should I do?”. Hmm … So I advise you to try Better for $ 5 you VDS / VPS will not find. Everything works fine and nothing falls. The only negative – the server is not in Russia.